Photographers Photographing Now: Focus on Digital Workflows from Capture to Print

Yale Digital Coffee presents Chris Capozziello • Muema • Terttu Uibopuu
and Yael Ben–Zion

Chris Capozziello

Chris Capozziello, Untitled, 2007

Four photographers - Chris Capozziello, Muema, Terttu Uibopuu, and Yael Ben-Zion - will present their work and discuss their workflows from digital capture to print with an emphasis on the ways in which their conventional film and darkroom experiences shaped their selection and utilization of digital cameras and digital darkroom equipment, including hardware, file management and editing software, and inkjet printers. A selection of their work will be exhibited online from May 15 to July 31, 2011.

In conjunction with this event, a second online exhibition scheduled from June 15 to July 31, 2011 will feature images created by members of Yale Digital Coffee whose creative work employs a fully digital workflow. Please see submission guidelines and deadline.