Yale Photo Now

David Driscoll, Fair-6, 2010
David Driscoll, Fair-2, 2010
David Driscoll, Fair-1, 2010
Patrick Lynch, Zuchini Flowers, Campo de' Fiori, Rome
Patrick Lynch, Pritzker Pavilion in Fog
Patrick Lynch, Three Feeding Humpback Whales, Stellwagen Bank
Rob Rocke, Untitled (Airplane Wing), 2010
Rob Rocke, Untitled (Gas Lamp), 2011
Rob Rocke, Untitled (Firetower), 2011
William K. Sacco, Moonrise, West Haven, 2007
William K. Sacco, Yale Boathouse, 2010
William K. Sacco, Tide Pool, Skye, 2007
Jessica Smolinski, Eggs, 2010
Jessica Smolinski, Cry, 2010
Jessica Smolinski, Hands, 2010

David Driscoll • Patrick Lynch • Rob Rocke • William K. Sacco • and Jessica Smolinski

June 15 – July 31, 2011

David Driscoll is a Senior Photographer at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. In his personal work, he uses a Nikon D700 for image capture and Bridge, Camera RAW, and Photoshop for image processing. 

Patrick Lynch is a Senior Digital Officer of Design, Analytics, & Social Media in the Office of Public Affairs & Communications. In his personal work, he uses a Canon Digital Rebel XTi for image capture and iPhoto and Photoshop for image processing.

Rob Rocke is a DSP for ITS. In his personal work, he uses a Canon G12 for image capture and Lightroom for image processing.

William K. Sacco is a Photographer with ITS/AMT Photo+Design. In his personal work, he uses a Canon 5D and Canon 5D mk II for image capture and Photoshop for image processing.

Jessica Smolinski is a Documentation Photographer at the Yale University Art Gallery. In her personal work, she uses a Canon 5D for image capture and Photoshop for image processing.