Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline June 10 for Online Group Exhibition: Photographers Photographing Now

I welcome members of Yale Digital Coffe to submit images that employ a fully digital workflow for consideration for an online group exhibition.
Please email up to three digital image files to by midnight on Tuesday, June 14:
  • Format images to 1024 by 768 pixels with height no greater than 768 pixels.
  • Save images as jpgs at 72 dpi in sRGB and quality 12.
  • Rename images with your first and last name and then image title and date (eg MeredithMiller_Untitled_2011.jpg).
  • Include the following information for each image in the body of your email:
  1. name
  2. title 
  3. department
  4. digital camera (eg Canon 5d, iphone)
  5. software (Aperture, Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop, Photoshop Elelemnets, iPhoto)
  6. link to your website if applicable